Justice for the Lakota People

Sacred Defense National Parks & Monuments Initiative

Visiting the Land? Give to its original peoples! When you travel to enjoy the splendor of America's national parks and monuments this summer travel season, take a few moments to learn about the Native nations who have lived in harmony with these places for time immemorial — then make a voluntary donation to help provide a sacred defense for the Indigenous communities whose homelands you are blessed to enjoy. Wopila!


Ongoing Campaigns

Dedicated to reversing the slow genocide of the Lakota People and destruction of their culture, the Lakota People’s Law Project partners with Native communities to protect sacred lands, safeguard human rights, promote sustainability, reunite indigenous families, and much more.


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Winning Lakota Justice

For over a decade, we’ve been standing strong with the Lakota to counteract treaty violations, protect sovereignty, and confront systemic racism. We're helping to safeguard sacred lands and water, end the epidemic of children being removed from their families and traditions, and amplify Native voices.