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Date: 04/02/2020
Guidelines & FAQ for contributing to LPLP's blog.
The Lakota People’s Law Project is accepting guest blogs from Indigenous voices seeking an outlet to discuss issues pertaining to Indian Country. To submit, please send your work to

● Please include your name, nation, and the title of your submission. You may also submit a brief (1-2 sentence) biographical statement for the end of the piece. Any links to social media, websites, or contact information should be included here.

● With rare exception, submissions should be between 600 words and 2500 words.

● We generally accept contributions covering the following topics: issues related to Indigenous sovereignty, pipelines/fossil fuels, climate change/the environment, Native history, and LGBTQ*/2S matters. We will consider other topics that may be of importance to you or your Native community. If you are unsure about your topic, you can send an inquiry to

● All submissions are subject to editing. LPLP’s style requirements largely mirror the Associated Press Stylebook’s, so using AP style is a good place to start on anything you plan to submit to us. Editing may include but is not limited to punctuation, grammar, and formatting.

● Please include citations for information in the form of a hyperlink. (Ex: “In a report by the Lakota People’s Law Project….”)

● Submission does not guarantee publication. We will contact you at the email you provide if we intend to publish your piece.

● If your work has been published elsewhere, please let us know and send us any links.

● We strongly prefer that you submit your blog content as a Google Doc with editing and sharing capability turned on. If you are unable to create a Google doc, other formats we will accept are Pages and Microsoft Word.

● By submitting a blog, the author gives LPLP permission to share the post with our editorial team, edit, and publish the blog to We will share the edited version with authors prior to publishing to ensure everyone is happy with the final product. The author also assigns LPLP rights to disseminate the blog on our social media channels.


Q: Can I include photos or illustrations in my piece?
A: Yes, as long as you have proper permission to use them. We encourage you to send photos or illustrations that enhance your subject as long as you own or have the right to them, or as long as they fall under Fair Use. We ask that you include any credit needed for the photo caption (ex: “Photo courtesy of John Doe”) and link the source of any photo you pull from the web. Note that you don’t have to send in imagery with your piece; we are happy to find or create visuals for your article.

Q: Will I be involved in the editing process?
A: All submitted blogs are subject to our internal editing process in the interest of conformity with our organizational style. LPLP’s objective is to always edit in a way that is faithful to the author’s intent. Authors may occasionally be asked to revise or supplement their contributions with additional facts, references, or links. Authors reserve the right to refuse to publish on LPLP’s blog after edits.

Q: I noticed an error in my blog. Can it be edited?
Yes. Please write to us at with “CORRECTION” in the subject line and we will amend ASAP.

Q: Can I use this blog in my portfolio, share it on my social media, or distribute it via other means after it has been published?
Absolutely, we encourage it!

Q: Who owns my piece after it’s been published by the Lakota People’s Law Project?
You retain ownership of your intellectual property. We appreciate your submissions and reserve the right to publish via all channels listed above.


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