Sacred Defense National Parks & Monuments Initiative

Visiting the Land? Give to Its Original Peoples!

The national parks have long been called "America’s best idea" — so it's critical to protect and preserve these lands. That said, it's equally important to recognize that every national park and national monument on Turtle Island — North America — occupies Indigenous sacred sites and the ancestral homelands of Native Peoples, many of whom still live there today. Many others were forcibly removed from lands they stewarded since time immemorial. That's why it's our duty to provide a sacred defense for these communities!

Will You Help Us Help the People?

We call upon the 325 million travelers who will make these parks and monuments a travel destination this year to donate to the original peoples of the place.

If you’re visiting any national parks or monuments this summer (or anytime!), you can make a real difference for the area's Indigenous communities — and we've made it easy to do! Simply select your destination from the list below, then make a voluntary donation to the tribes whose homelands you’re visiting. Every year, we’ll send the money you help us collect to tribes participating in this program.


Where Are You Headed?

This year we’re starting with 14 national parks and monuments, and we plan to grow this initiative every year until each of this country’s national parks and monuments — and every tribal nation associated — is included. So, if you're visiting any of the places below, simply click the link matching your destination and donate to the tribes whose homelands it occupies. (Please donate through the links below, and not through the button at the top of this page.)

Wopila tanka — our deep gratitude for your care of the land and the people!

Donate Here

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If you're not visiting a park or are visiting a different park but would like to participate by donating to tribes, please choose a park above to give to the people of that location!

If you represent a tribal community and would like to benefit from this program, please contact us here. We look forward to working with you! Lakota Law is acting solely as a conduit to provide funding to tribes and communities. We will distribute 100% of funds annually to beneficiaries participating in this program.