Kristi Noem Cancels Book Tour, Shoots Own Foot, Digs Own Grave


S.D. Governor Kristi Noem's book tour has epically imploded, just days after her book's release. Noem's dishonesty with her interviewers across the board — dodging basic questions and dissembling for all to see — drew more media fire and increased the public outrage begun when she exposed the brutal killings of her own puppy and other animals in her memoir, appropriately titled "No Going Back."

As you’ll see in this roundup — a follow-up to our video last week about her animal cruelty — universal indignation and mockery have continued to plague Noem because she simply can't give a straight answer. Her clumsy scrambling to retract blatant lies about meeting foreign leaders and inflating her experience on the world stage impressed nobody. Her publicists eventually pulled the plug, cancelling key interviews with Fox News and CNN ... and blaming the weather. Well, we all know why she couldn't claim that her dog ate her plane tickets!