Oglala Sioux Tribal President's Call for Flood Relief Needs


This page is an initiative of the OST President's Office. Your support now can help provide direct aid to people and rebuild areas within the Oglala Sioux Nation devastated in flooding resulting from Winter Storm Ulmer. Your help goes directly to the tribal government and those affected by the storm.

Press inquiries: press@oglalaoyankerelief.org

Financial donations: www.oglalalakotanation.info (to inquire, contact chase@oglala.org).

Phone number for OST President's flood response team: (605) 407-8116

General inquiries: jmorrisette@oglala.org

In-kind donations of the following are needed now. Please inquire before sending at chase@oglala.org and send directly to

West Hwy 18

OST President's Office, Pine Ridge, SD 57770

— Bottled water and water storage containers

— Nonperishable food

— Diapers, toilet paper, and hygiene products

— Heavy equipment (e.g. Bobcats)

— Cars and trucks

— Shovels

— Solar-powered chargers

— Solar panels and wind turbines

— Green building supplies

— Tiny homes

— Electric generators

— Fuel containers

— Water pumps

Volunteers for all the below duties are also needed by the Oglala Sioux Tribe (inquire at volunteer@oglalaoyankerelief.org):

— Administrative assistants

— Contractors

— Engineers

— Skilled laborers

— Accountants/bookkeepers

— Grant writers

Wopila tanka to you for supporting those in need!